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We help companies be successful by discarding the idea of transactions and focusing on relationships. Our team is highly experienced with IoT technologies and provide a competitive edge on development cost.

Our IoT Services

Embedded Development

Deep understanding of well architected solutions and reliable, scalable implementations.

Mobile & Web Development

Blending the artistic and the functional aspects of how users interact with your connected devices.

Hardware Development

Balancing cost-conscious engineering design with quality and reliability.

Backend Development

Advanced tools for data collection, analysis, reporting, and driving action.


Fast and accurate modeling processes and tools to speed up iteration and as a result improve speed to market and delivery on your value proposition.

Project Management

Resources and tools to keep your project on-time and on-budget.


Wide range of testing and certification support from beta users/groups to regulatory bodies including FCC and UL/ETL.


Assist in transitioning from development to production deployment, allowing your company to focus on driving business value.


Translating your product vision into a tangible product to accelerate user feedback and identify potential cost reductions and quality improvements as early in the process as possible

Our IoT Portfolio

Take a peek at some of our IoT projects. 

Halo Smart Labs
smoke and carbon monoxide detector with a severe weather-warning feature. The smart smoke alarm sends notifications directly to user connected devices and can be controlled remotely. The technology is equipped with six dedicated sensors that detect the incident in the home and then notify the homeowner with voice-activated alerts through Alexa, SmartThings, Iris and more.

Tech Tags: Wi-Fi, Zigbee, IFTTT, Alexa, Smartthings, Iris, Weather Radio, AI

Symmons Industries, Inc.
Smart water management involves attaching non-invasive sensors to surface points on the water system, which then sends information to a gateway that furnishes immediate updates to the user’s smart devices. Hotel management will be able to visualize the entire water system in real-time which assists in quicker understanding and diagnosis of problems relating to scalding, bacterial growth or tepid water.

Tech Tags:  LoRa, Cellular, ML, AWS

Kryo Sleep Performance System
The Kryo Sleep Performance System is a connected mattress topper fitted with the technology to learn user sleep patterns and optimize the hours spent in REM sleep. The mattress topper is regulated by a water-based unit that cools or heats the sleeping pad depending on user preferences. The data for each night’s sleep is stored in-app, so users can visualize how their sleep improves over time.

Tech Tags: Bluetooth, IFTTT, Fitbit API, Ayla, iOS & Android App

Reverie is an integrated smart bed that uses voice activation and remote-controlled technology to adjust to any preferred sleep position. The bed is built to provide different types of support for different partners needs, for instance, one person can lie down flat while the other sits up and reads. There are foot and back massage functionalities as well as firm back support and a softer surface for users’ hips.

Tech Tags: Alexa, Google Home, AWS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Gas Watch
GasWatch is a propane tank enhanced with IoT technology that can measure the level of propane left in the chamber. This allows for remote monitoring of propane levels. Users will be updated when gas levels are low as well as having LED displays of remaining cook and gas time.

Tech Tags:  Bluetooth, Ultrasonic

DynaGen Technologies
Harsher environments demand tougher technologies, the DynaGen controllers are built to endure and preform well even in extreme climate and weather conditions. The controllers undergo Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) techniques to increase the overall lifespan of the controllers and to reveal any long-term product weaknesses. The controllers are produced to industry standards including SAE Heavy Truck and MIL, which ensures uniformity in quality and durability.

Tech Tags: Losant, LM Direct

Red Cross
In an effort to improve emergency responses in high density, low-income communities, the Kenyan Red Cross has begun utilizing an electronic 911 system that will immediately notify the proper emergency channels where any emergency is located. E911 improves response time, which means the difference of life and death for hundreds of vulnerable people and allows authorities to localize incidents more effectively.

Tech Tags: LoRa, Cellular, Solar

Trivia Clan
In an effort to familiarize people with cryptocurrencies, the Kin app allows users to earn cryptocurrency by playing trivia in-app. Players can answer questions daily in a single-elimination competition and the grand prize is divided amongst winners. The value won by players can also be used to purchase more lives or for extra benefits inside the game.

Tech Tags: Crypto Currency, iOS App

The Estimate is a mobile application built to help movers approximate the number of items, weight, and truck size needed for any commercial or residential move. Using an easy-to-navigate app, users can select what furniture is in a room and the app then manages the details of the transition, this saves time, hassle and money often allocated to project management in larger commercial moves.

Tech Tags:  UI, UX, Android, iOS

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