Why Oxit

Connectivity, Agility, and Security

As a dedicated IoT development company, Oxit delivers solutions for your product creation and launch success. After determining ideal solutions based on past, current, and future projected metrics, Oxit works closely with you to deliver a product that offers maximum connectivity, agility, and security for all of your customers or clients. Our goal is a continuous push toward your satisfaction and profit in the shortest amount of time possible. Through professional Internet of Things app development and consulting services, we help you deploy IoT products and cloud-based solutions your audience wants on a global scale.

Oxit’s IoT services provide the following benefits:

· Flexibility for comprehensive solutions
· Extensibility to allow for future growth
· High-level security
· Edge computing capabilities
· Current and future IoT industry expertise

IoT Networks

Opportunities presented by the Internet of Things software development process makes new business growth possible while increasing operational efficiency and driving down costs. Challenges to current IoT services focus on distribution and access to flexible wireless Internet service capabilities. These things also bring security into the equation as it is an omnipresent need in today’s and future technological advancements.

Oxit focuses on overcoming these challenges to deliver a comprehensive strategy for IoT companies and networks that include continuous wireless connections, cloud-like access and coverage, and full ability to extend beyond the borders of existing networks. All of this capability must be wrapped up with the latest security protocols and control that all technological development needs. Our solutions are my for specific purposes and end-user pinpoints while maintaining flexibility and management capabilities that extend far beyond current needs.

IoT Solutions for Flexible Purposes

Oxit offers IoT development and consulting services for a variety of different companies, systems, and needs. Some of their flexible purpose-driven solutions include remote monitoring and sensors, digital signs, control systems, and automated infrastructure systems for Smart Cities. Solutions support Wi-Fi, ethernet, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, LoRaWAN, Zigbee and more wireless connection technologies. Highly skilled development teams use custom-built software to power the IoT services, which is fully tested, includes all pertinent documentation, and is peer-reviewed for quality and solution-oriented compliance. Oxit also offers cloud-based IoT solution management and security to minimize technical resource needs and maximize uptime.

Best Solution Device Management

Oxit assists clients with the development of management platforms that use cloud technology to facilitate worldwide IoT systems in order to handle all network and device operational needs. The Internet of Things consulting services assists clients in finding the optimum solutions that allow for collaborative and multi-user management of protocols and tasks within an operating procedure. They do all this using a variety of wireless network options and protocols that allow for continuous and complete management for all connected smart devices without risking loss of data or capital.

Internet of Things Security

Existing security protocols and solutions are insufficient for the rapid growth of the Internet of Things collectively. Due to this complexity of providing security for IoT services, devices, and software, Oxit constantly strives to work with clients on internal security options that suit their needs and scales up as their IoT interests increase. Oxit uses a variety of customized solutions including isolated device-to-cloud networks, admission control-inclusive encryption, and more. You require not only sufficient security to maintain proper function and privacy but also the confidence in the solution that provides it for you.

Edge Computing

Oxit offers includes powerful Edge Computing services, which incorporate edge application functionality on gateways, devices, and routers. Services provided by the technical experts and engineers at Oxit include the formation and deployment of unique builds to prevent excessive latency, cellular consumption, and the need for extended processing power. As part of Oxit’s consulting services, your specific needs and interests are weighed against the availability of edge computing and processing availability and possibilities. Therefore, you get the best possible solution for secure connections and edge computing power specifically tailored to your firm’s needs.
Become a Leader in IoT Technology
The engineering team at Oxit, a leading IoT development company, has extensive experience and technical knowledge to consult with clients and discover the perfect solution in regard to wireless technologies and systems. Oxit takes into account throughput needs, coverage availability and requirements, and budget to make sure the agreed upon solution fulfills more than just basic needs. They transcend traditional developmental lifecycles, focus on future best practices, and prioritize current and ongoing features that deliver the precise solution every client needs. Some of these options include zero-touch deployment, network diversity, and minute-by-minute changes to configuration and firmware settings. When it comes to IoT networking and Internet of Things software development, Oxit delivers peace of mind in alignment with affordable costs, extended battery life, large scale, and forward-thinking networking. Current alliances, such as those with Zigbee and LoRa, are only part of the constant quest for improvement as future possibilities become the reality of today.
Companies adopting IoT services and products require different solutions. Each client can choose the best possible size for their deployment now and allow Oxit to extend its functionality and reach in the future as needed.
Bespoke IoT Results
Oxit brings a wealth of experience to the table that allows for uniquely developed solutions for individual clients when it comes to best possible development, deployment, and security. This company constantly seeks new ways to provide clients with the perfect solution for needs that exist at the present and will expand or change in the future. Oxit assists with cloud solution evaluation for AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). It can also offer global recommendations for clients weighing the advantages of an CATM1 vs. NBIOT. Likewise, clients interested in a LoRAWAN LNS (LoRa Network Server) can expect practical and technical insight into TTI (The Things Industries), TTN (The Things Network), Helium with peer-to-peer and cryptocurrency options, Machine Q by Comcast, Actility (Carrier-grade LNS), Lacuna Space (Outer Space-based gateways), and Senet, which is North America’s largest LNS. Clients who are not aware of all of their options can expect customized consulting services from Oxit’s team of experts.

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