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About The Prototyping

The Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting markets at a breakneck pace, giving companies that would like to develop their own IoT solutions very little time to act before their competitors step in and rob them of the opportunity to capture their share of the market.

Desperate to be the first to cross the finish line, companies often spring as fast as they can without pausing for a moment to consider if they’re running in the right direction, ultimately launching products that leave their customers and investors alike wanting for more. This can be prevented with our complete IoT prototyping services.

The Foundation of IoT Product Development

Prototyping is the key to bringing out innovative IoT products to life quickly and without any waste caused by misaligned expectations and blunders in planning, design, and development. Using prototyping, it’s possible to test the solution early in the development process and make more informed decisions to guide its evolution from the initial idea to deployment.

To deliver on its promises, IoT prototyping requires the right combination of experts from different fields, including designers, developers, engineers, and others. These experts must be able to effectively communicate with one and other and always be mindful of various constraints that come into play when working on complicated IoT products that combine multiple state-of-the-art technologies.

At Oxit, we have mastered the art of IoT prototyping, employing fast and accurate modeling processes and tools to speed up iteration and, as a result, improve speed to market and deliver on your value proposition.

Prototyping Perfected

Prototyping isn’t just about making a simplified version of the final product early in the development process. It’s about uncovering mistakes through fast experiments to avoid failure in the future. Over the years, we had many opportunities to discover first-hand what needs to be done to drive results with prototyping. Our prototyping services are:


When prototyping an IoT solution, it’s easy to get stuck on trivialities that cause lengthy conversations but don’t produce any results. The best way to overcome this is with an action-oriented approach to prototyping, one that answers questions with the actual prototype rather than with verbal responses that do nothing but lead to other questions.


The goal of prototyping is to produce an interactive prototype that can be interacted with in some way. However, prototyping itself should be interactive and include the input from as many stakeholders and experts as possible. We at Oxit firmly believe that bi-directional communication is essential for delivering IoT solutions that meet or exceed all expectations, and our IoT services reflect this.


The value of prototyping comes from its ability to help avoid future failures and their expensive consequences. At the same time, time is money, which is why we put maximum effort into making our IoT prototyping services as fast and agile as possible.

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