Symmons Case Study

Remote Monitoring Systems for
Temperature Monitoring

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Symmons’ desired to launch a sensor management platform to aggregate data from wireless sensors across a number of hotels nationwide. Their goal was to provide a clear view into each hotel’s water system. They needed to cost-effectively and securely connect wireless sensors data from each of the sites to a dashboard allowing for Symmons users to take and maintain control of their water system. Based on the analysis of the incoming data, individual sites are then able to measure how well their water system is performing. The ultimate challenge for Symmons was discovering how to create this system without compromising security, creating sensors that can last over a decade without changing batteries, and provide this in a turn-key solution that’s easy to install and manage.
Oxit has brought tremendous value to our new IoT Water Management business at Symmons Industries. From the concept stage to the production, launch and now revenue stage Oxit has helped design our software / IoT Hardware platform on AWS from the ground up.
~Anthony Cipolla

Engineering Manager at Symmons

It is great to see solutions from LoRa Alliance® members like Oxit taking advantage of LoRaWAN’s flexibility and ease-of-installation to meet customers’ needs. This is a strong example of using the technology to provide multiple insights related to water systems, from monitoring temperature, to managing water system structure and performance, and seeing the efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings that result.
~Donna Moore

CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance

Oxit Recommends LoRaWAN® and the AWS Cloud

Oxit reviewed Symmons’ requirements in detail and led the translation of the product vision into a tangible product. Oxit worked
to accelerate user feedback, identify potential cost reductions and quality improvements as early in the process as possible.
This led to Oxit recommending a comprehensive solution comprised of LoRaWAN® components for reliable wireless
connectivity and AWS elements for secure data consumption. Symmons recognized the value of LoRaWAN for both the
extended range and battery consumption, and AWS is recognised as a dependable and secure option for cloud connectivity,
data storage, and cloud architecture options.

Solution Overview

The customer selected Oxit to deliver the end-to-end secure LoRaWAN enabled program. Oxit, using AWS IoT core, provided
Symmons with secure connectivity enabling the ability to create a network that interconnects deployed sensors, LoRaWAN
gateways, and the AWS cloud. Oxit developed a custom application, hosted on each of the gateways, to produce secure cellular
connectivity which allowed for the secure transmission of the LoRaWAN sensor data to AWS IoT Core.
Leveraging Oxit’s experience in developing IoT products, Symmons successfully rolled out the solution quickly to
geographically remote locations, over Verizon & AT&T networks. Using the AWS cloud, the customer sites were reliably and
securely connected to the internet, making the architecture housing the data in the cloud scalable, flexible, and much safer
from any potential vulnerabilities in internet security.


Collaboration between the Symmons & Oxit development teams has led to world class product, giving Symmons the tools they need to demonstrate exceptional value in their market space. Symmons offers their hospitality management clients the unique ability to leverage data to improve their bottom line. From ensuring their guests always have hot showers and reducing the risk of negative reviews to providing insight into the structure and performance of the water system, Symmons is empowering their clients to take and maintain control of their water system. This industry leading solution relies on LoRaWAN enabled sensors and gateways to connect to AWS to send sensor data. The extended use of the AWS services for the collection, analytics, and presentation of the data provided the custom solution Symmons needed to continue their 80-year history of innovation.

The cost-efficient solution to collect and send data comprising of custom-built LoRaWAN Sensors, Applications on Gateways, AWS Cloud, Android, and iOS Apps. Oxit is a Consulting Partner of AWS and provides engineering services for customers solving IoT issues. Oxit routinely uses AWS and LoRaWAN to securely connect IoT devices. Oxit aims to create meaningful relationships with customers while offering highly experienced IoT experts and providing a competitive edge on development costs. The following table highlights some of the key features and advantages of the solution Oxit developed for Symmons.

An integrated LoRaWAN and AWS cloud solution

A proven end-to-end solution, enabled secure
connectivity of LoRaWAN with the AWS cloud service.

Seamless Connectivity

Sensors, gateways, cellular & LoRaWAN network, cloud, and apps all played a part in building reliable easy to use connectivity

Enhanced security
Utilizing authentication, authorization and access capabilities, ensured only trusted devices were allowed to connect to the network.

Ease in LoRaWAN gateway provisioning

Custom applications on the gateway and apps facilitated ease in provisioning per gateway, in the field. Additionally, Oxit delivered a software application to parse incoming LoRaWAN data to the MQTT protocol, which was then securely transmitted it to the AWS cloud.

Right size scale
Ease in which the IoT network could be scaled, which led to expanding from the initial deployment towards multiple key geo-sites with cost-efficiency.
Speed of roll-out
Initial proof of concept to scaled live distribution was delivered in weeks.

Why Oxit?

Hardware Development

Oxit has an experienced team of Engineers who bring experience where it matters most for IoT Customers. Our team has a wealth of insight beyond circuit and PCB design with decades of experience in RF, Low Power design, and LoRaWAN.

Software Development

Oxit’s experience with Embedded Engineering is outstanding. With an aim to be a first adopter of new technology, we bring not only best in class skills, but fresh finesse to our clients. Oxit’s extended experience with edge machine learning, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and LoRaWAN gives our clients the technical expertise to succeed.

IoT Experience

Oxit has been producing IoT products for over 10 years and this background matters. We can help dodge serious mistakes to ensure every product has an easy to use, flexible, cost-effective, reliable, scalable, and secure architecture ensuring our clients are able to sustain and grow through their deployment of IoT connected devices.

AWS Experience

Oxit is an AWS Partner and many of the team members have earned AWS Accreditations as AWS Solution Architects. Oxit works closely with AWS and is consistently and actively involved in continuing our education with Partners.

Machine Learning

Oxit has technical expertise in developing machine learning (ML) models using AWS Cloud. We have obtained the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty Certification and excel at helping our clients use ML for image recognition, anomaly detection, and classification.

Team Integration

Oxit moves beyond the transaction and focuses on the relationship. We believe it is necessary to integrate with the team we are partnering with to align our vision and better our output.


We answer our clients quickly and promptly. Oxit prides itself on being available as needed. We are available 24/7, ready to help our clients overcome any challenge.

Project Management

Oxit’s extensive project management history allows for organization of projects for maximum effectiveness, providing clear transparent communication, and a knowledgeable partner that knows what it will take to achieve your Product Development vision.


Oxit has profound experience with all stages of development and brings confidence to our customers from concept, production, and launch to revenue-producing. Our commitment to clients is for their long term success. We fully support all the stages and help drive our customer’s continued success.
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About Oxit

Oxit Engineering Services helps companies succeed by doing away with the idea of transactions and focusing
on relationships to help them achieve their product innovation goals. Our team has exceptional knowledge and
experience with IoT technologies and provides our clients’ a competitive edge in accelerating speed to market
while reducing development costs.
This case study illustrates how Oxit Engineering Services can help create an effective solution with a client, but
most importantly, demonstrates Oxit’s commitment to excellence in product delivery and cultivating

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About Symmons Industries, Inc.

Since 1939, Symmons Industries has been a premier manufacturer of commercial and residential plumbing products, producing a variety of durable, reliable and beautifully designed products for everything from private homes to five-star hotels. Built on an 80+ year foundation of quality craftsmanship, Symmons places a premium on exceptional service. Beginning with the Temptrol® pressure-balancing, anti-scald shower valve, Symmons has always known it’s what’s inside that matters most. Today, we continue to innovate with custom fittings that create distinctive design solutions for commercial projects through Symmons Design Studio. It’s an inner strength and outward focus that makes Symmons the smart choice. Built to last, designed to stand out, and backed by a customer-first culture. Headquartered in Braintree, MA, Symmons is a privately held company with regional sales offices and local representatives located throughout the United States, Canada and Asia. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-SYMMONS.